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LAA Delays on Payment

Dear all

We are receiving many enquiries from members about serious LAA delays on payment (particularly on case plan matters) and the Debt recovery team requests.

We are attempting to join forces with the Bar Council and the remuneration committee to see if we can try to remedy many of the issues. However, to do this we need evidence.

Please could I ask each and every one of you that is experiencing unnecessary delays in payment to give me asap

  1. The numbers of cases you are experiencing delays with
  2. The area of Law
  3. Specifics about the case (without going into too much detail – PLEASE REMEMBER GDPR and do not send me client names etc) I am looking for HCCP’s, general run of the mill Legal aid cases etc
  4. Any other information you think might be relevant to me when putting the case forward.

I am also going to be looking at whether we can have some sort of Case manager scheme reintroduced. I am not at all hopeful that this will happen as it costs money. However, we could look at some sort of alternative be it a bot or a specific helpline.

If we are going to try to make a change, we need your help – so please let us have your evidence!


Geoff Carr

Vice-Chair of the IBC