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A message from IBC Chair, Geoff Carr


The IBC has been liaising closely with the Bar Council about various issues we (as clerks) face in our day to day lives in Chambers and generally.

One of the issues discussed was the frustration’s experienced with the BSB in relation to Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETO), Supervision survey and more recently sanctions.

This has actively been picked up by Nick Vineall KC and Sam Townend KC who are specifically concerned about the heavy-handed nature of the sanction’s compliance investigations. In particular, how they were arranged and handled. 

For us to take things forward with the BSB and Bar Council, and assuming you would be willing to share your particular experiences (confidentially or otherwise) I would welcome you getting in contact with me initially for a general chat.

If you would rather not speak to me about it (which I would totally understand), Sam Townsend KC is very happy to collate information from you directly on a confidential basis as well.



T: 0207 420 7519