Hosted by Matt Reed*, Lead IT Security consultant for Instant On IT**, this session will provide clear and easy to understand guidance on what you should be doing to protect your personal data as well as that of your set.

This talk will demonstrate how easy it is for the bad guys to find information and target you – followed by teaching you how to find what data already exists on the web and the steps to take to mitigate the risks.

The session will conclude with some useful tips, actions that cost nothing to implement and will immediately improve your cyber security; along with the opportunity to speak to Instant On IT security engineers for any personal guidance needed.

After a recent similar talk at a chambers supported by Instant On IT, 100% of respondents to our survey said “it was an excellent investment of my time” and feedback included: “It was a really good illustration of risks with sensible and ‘doable’ advice on mitigation measures” and “Very informative and easy to understand.”

*Matt holds the prestigious CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) accreditation and is a Cyber Essentials auditor. In his role with Instant On IT, Matt regularly provides practical guidance to barristers sets and professional services firms, assisting in the prevention of cyber security issues; he also helps to resolve and prevent further issues if they ever do occur.

**Instant On IT has managed the IT, infrastructure and security needs for numerous barristers sets for over sixteen years, putting them in a uniquely knowledgeable position about chambers’ specific requirements.

Venue: No 5 Chambers, London
Date and Time: Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at 6:15pm

The seminar is free to IBC members and £20 for non-members.

Video conferencing is available for those who would like to attend from the regions.

To book your place, please contact