BTEC Advanced Award in Chambers Administration

What is it?

A BTEC qualification designed specifically for chambers' clerks. Developed by Central Law Training in consultation with the Institute of Barristers' Clerks and validated by Edexcel.

How will this qualification benefit chambers?

On completion of this qualification chambers will have a clerk who:

  • ●  Is aware of up-to-date procedure and practice

  • ●  Is a good communicator

  • ●  Understands the benefits of and can provide excellent

    client care

    "The BTEC course assists greatly with the development of Junior Clerks. It requires students to understand the structure of the entire legal system and the court procedures that each adhere to, resulting in a broader knowledge than can be taught in

    a specialist set of chambers. Personal writing skills, basic marketing and basic management techniques are also all dealt with effectively. The benefits to both individuals and clerks rooms are invaluable."

    Emma Makepeace, Deputy Senior Clerk, 25 Bedford Row

    What qualification will I get?

    Provided that all four units are successfully completed,
    you will receive a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in chambers administration and will be issued with a certificate to confirm this.

    How do I book?

    To book simply complete the registration form overleaf and return it to CLT with payment. If, however, you want to talk to someone before you make your decision please call us on 0121 362 7526.


    £1695 + VAT
    £1395 + VAT For members of the IBC

    Quote brochure code: CM117327

Why take it?

The role of a barrister's clerk is extremely important and crucial to the smooth running of chambers. It is therefore essential that clerks are trained to the highest standard to ensure that they are able to work to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential.

Junior clerks undertaking this award will:

  • ●  Demonstrate a commitment to personal development

  • ●  Enhance their career profile

  • ●  Become more proficient and gain confidence

  • ●  Provide a better service to clients and

    members of chambers

  • ●  Secure a transferable qualification

    Who can take it?

    Any barrister's clerk who has up to three years experience in chambers. No formal qualifications are needed to start the qualification. However, clerks will need a senior clerk to mentor them through the programme.

    How does it work?

    The programme is mostly conducted online via a dedicated website. The qualification consists of four units and for each unit there is a set of materials. For three of the units, there are assignments which must be completed and for the fourth unit, a portfolio must be completed.

    Are there any face-to-face lectures?

    Yes. There is a half day at the start of the programme to introduce clerks to it and then after six months a second half day on communication skills.

    How long does it take?

    To complete the qualification, takes 12 months. Candidates will have approximately three months to complete each unit. A study schedule is available to view online which highlights submission deadlines.

How is it assessed?

Units one, two and three are assessed by written assignments, which are marked by the assessors responsible for each unit.

Unit four is assessed by way of a portfolio which allows clerks to use practical situations in chambers to demonstrate their skills. 

Download the PDF – to apply or click here