Attention All Barristers' Clerks 0 – 5 Years Experience!

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BTEC Advanced Award in Chambers

Administration for Barristers' Clerks

Next course commencing May 2015

Unit 1 – Barristers’ Clerks – Their Work in Context Taught Course May 2015 London 22 May 2015 (am) Unit 3 – Personal & Communication Skills
London 27 November 2015 (pm)

CLT's BTEC Award in Chambers Administration is a unique qualification designed specifically for chambers' clerks. The award is a professional qualification which certifies competence as a junior barrister's clerk. The award is developed by CLT in consultation with the Institute of Barristers' Clerks and is validated as a BTEC Qualification by Edexcel.

The role of a barrister's clerk is extremely important and crucial to the smooth running of chambers. It is therefore essential that you are trained to the highest standard to ensure that you are able to work to the best of your ability and reach your full potential.

For further information, please visit the IBC Education page on this website and the CLT's website or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 0121 362 7526, or email .