The Bar Council Remuneration Committee Review

Dear member

The Bar Council Remuneration Committee is currently undertaking a review of issues that barristers are facing across all civil VHCCs. We understand that a number of civil legal aid practitioners have had significant problems with very late payments in High Cost cases which can take months if not years to be processed.

The Bar Council & IBC are keen to hear your specific examples to demonstrate the type and extent of the problems that you have been experiencing. We intend to raise this issue with the Legal Aid Agency but we need hard evidence in order to do so.

I would be very grateful if you could email Kathy Wong ( and myself Geoff Carr ( we will then try to look into whether this is a common issue which the Bar Council can address.

We are specifically concerned with delays. However, I would like to know of any other issues you are facing.

The deadline for responses is Thursday 14th November

Many thanks


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