The lead up to last May’s GDPR deadline saw many sets implementing systems to help prevent a data breach in Chambers. However, because Barristers work in one of the most mobile of professions, the highly sensitive nature of the data they work with and the enormous amount of pressure which both they and their often under-resourced staff operate, no matter what systems are in place, Chambers are a prime risk for data breaches and no system can prove infallible.

In the event of a breach, everyone turns to the person who has assumed responsibility for GDPR (possibly you if you are reading this), with that individual then having to juggle managing the barrister’s needs and expectations, protecting Chambers’ interests and liaising with the Head of Chambers and Clerks as well as the client. There are also important decisions that need to be made immediately and advice sought on the nature of the breach and the sensitivity of the data. People can easily be deflected by damage limitation and reparation – all whilst the ICO reporting clock is ticking.

This essential 1 hour workshop focusses on plans of action and the essential “do’s and don’ts” in the event of a data breach in Chambers and is delivered in an interesting and engaging format by an industry leading GDPR expert.

Who should attend?

Whilst the workshop is primarily suited for those overseeing GDPR compliance in Chambers, the session will also be vital for anyone who would need to assist members or other staff and manage client relationships in the event of a breach.

What you can expect to gain by attending?

  • Learn the best way to manage the potential crisis of a data breach
  • Obtain expert first-hand knowledge on experiences of data breaches post May 2018
  • Receive expert advice on the best course of action
  • Identify what to do – and what not to do

Introduction : Bill Conner of ABC Chambers Solutions

The Speaker : Orlagh Kelly is the barrister and legal technologist owner of Briefed, who have specialised in data protection compliance for over six years. She is widely recognised as the leading expert on GDPR compliance for the Bar and sets of Chambers. having assisted over 70 sets over the last two years on the road to GDPR compliance, providing on-line training for the Bar, Clerks and support staff, as well as advisory work – including emergency assistance after a breach.

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019
Venue: No 5 Chambers, London
Time: 5pm – 6pm

Cost: Free for IBC Members, £20 for Non-members

Video conferencing is available for those who wish to join from the regions

To book a place, please email